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Parts of a Sail

The names of different parts of a main sail

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Parts of a Sail
Battens Long thins strips of usually either fibreglass or wood used to support the sail
Clew Bottom aft corner of a sail
Foot Bottom edge of a sail
Head The top of a sail
Leech Aft edge of a sail
Luff Front leading edge of a sail
Roach Sails are not usually a perfect triangle and include an additional curved area on the leech of a sail, called a roach. A roach provides extra power to a sail
Run A Run, or sometimes just referred to as “Running Downwind”, is a precise point of sail and is when a boat is sailing directly downwind. The sails need to be eased out fully to be at their most efficient. This point of sail will feel the most relaxed out of the all the points of sail as you're travelling with the wind instead of against it
Tack An act of changing course by turning a boat's head into and through the wind, so as to bring the wind on the opposite side
Tell Tales Light strips of material attached to the sail to indicate whether the air stream on the sail surface is smooth or turbulent