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Learn different areas of sailing theory such as the basics of sailing, sailing communication, sailing navigation, and weather. Once you're feeling comfortable then test yourself from a selection of random questions in the selected categories.


There are 23 sailing theory courses across 4 different courses:

Basics Easily learn the basics of sailing so that you can enjoy this great pastime even more.
Communication Sailing related communication to improve your confidence and safety.
Navigation The process of navigating a sailing vessel from A to B, plotting your course, finding the position of your sail boat and being able to identify what's happening around you.
Weather Learn sailing weather theory to improve your confidence and safety while at sea.


We have 28 tests for you to chose from, each with a random selection of questions. Here are 5 of the most popular tests:

Cardinal Marks Ability to identify cardinal marks from their unique visual features.
Navigation A culmination of all the buoy related test questions.
IALA Buoyage Systems The different buoyage systems used around the world.
Buoys Combination of questions from all 6 buoys, direction of buoyage and IALA buoyage systems.
Preferred Channel Marks Ability to identify preferred channel markers from their unique visual features.